Two New Offerings in The Beach House Hermosa

The Beach House in Hermosa Beach is a very unusual housing option as it’s one of the only “condo/hotel” complexes in the South Bay.  Add to 1300-The-Strand-Beach-Housethat the fact that it happens to sit beach front near the Hermosa Beach pier area and it makes it all that more appealing for investors.   The owners can use the room (every room is individually owned and is not a timeshare situation) up to 90 days a year and the rest of the time it is rented and managed by the on site management.   Income from the unit is split 50/50 but they handle any and all maintenance, upkeep, management, rentals, etc.

At the moment there are two new listings, and one that has been on the market for a bit.

Click to see the current condos for sale in the Beach House in Hermosa Beach.

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