Hermosa Beach Townhomes

Hermosa Beach TownhomesHermosa Beach townhomes for sale

The abundance of townhomes in Hermosa Beach may not be what most people envision when think of townhomes.  Unlike the usual situation of endless rows of identical looking, attached homes, the townhomes in Hermosa often look and feel much more like single family homes.  Many of these homes are what’s knows as a two on a lot so the entire “complex” is you and your neighbor.  Often times they are not even attached with no shared walls.  What makes it a townhome or legally a condo is the fact that the land is not owned by the individual owners  but shared with the other owners.  The benefits to townhomes are that they are far more affordable than single family homes and are often newer, larger and in better condition.

Current Hermosa Beach Townhomes for Sale

The majority of these townhomes are located in the “Valley” section of Hermosa due to zoning but there are an abundance in the south sand section and hill section as well.

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