Of Precious Metals and Little Houses in Hermosa Beach

By Keith Kyle1514 Silver Street Hermsa Beach

As of 3/29 two new listings hit the market in Hermosa Beach and both were unique but strangely similar.  It’s not every day that you see single family homes with less than 700 feet (we’ve only ever seen a few in a town where mcmansions seem to be more common all of the time) and today there were two.  It’s even less common to see these homes on Silver and Golden Streets….perhaps 2 of the less known streets in all of Hermosa Beach.

1514_SilverThe home at 1514 Silver comes in at 576 square feet but sits on a fairly good size 2,986 foot lot.  There’s really no question that they’re going for lot value here as regardless of how cute it it….$1,649 a square foot is a pretty tall order.  It’s a cute bungalow on a nice lot but this tiny charmer isn’t destined to remain and will eventually be something far larger and newer.


The home at 1517 Golden is slightly cheaper per square foot at $1,566 but with 699 square feet and a list price of almost $1.1M they’re certainly banking on potential ocean views on a new build and shopping this to developers


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